The following drawings are excptionally made during sessions, conferences, seminars and meetings.
This is like exercise, whitch is done not necessarity in the morning time. Alle these pieces are particular improvisations of the memory, made sharply, quikly and most of all on the one line.

The variety of atrists in all times are interesting the margin-drawings in their own way.

The wide number of this kind drawings was amassed during the time. This is the reason of decision
to show these trace of my own subconsciouness.

Rimvydas Mulevicius


Profesor Wileńskiej Akademii
Sztuk Pięknych









/ powrót /

Prof. Rimvydas Mulevičius was born in Vilnius in 1957.
He is a graduate of Vilnius Art Institute,
Stained-glass Studio of Painting Department (1986)
and learned stained-glass art in the class of Prof. A. Stoškus.

At the moment the artist is the professor
of VDA Kaunas Art Faculty, Department of Visual Arts
and the head of the Drawing Studio. He teaches drawing,
rudiments of classical stained-glass art, aquarelle and plastic anatomy.

Prof. R. Mulevičius works in the fields of stained-glass art,
drawing, painting and graphic art.
He has created a number of stained-glass works in institutions,
in private interiors and churches.
Some of the artist’s stained-glass works
may be found abroad – in Norway, Germany and France.